Brands & Labels Concerns? We Got That Covered!

Probably about half of the Seafood Claims we sell, for and on behalf of our clients, require that we remove any and all marks that would let the general public know where the products came from.  When that is a condition of sale we are well equipped to respond with an answer that will satisfy all concerned.

Have a look at a recent claim involving some shrimp:


These are the master cartons removed by our processing facility and ready to be dumped.  We hold them until given permission to dump them by the Insured and by the Adjusters/Surveyors involved.  Remember: Your insured paid a premium for this coverage and we want to make sure that they are happy with our work before we release the repacked goods out into the stream of commerce.

Well the Master Cartons are the easy part some people say: And that is true but the inner bag or retail pack gets a little harder.  True again but it is all part of the contract and we make sure that we always do whatever we have agreed to do.  So we hope the attached pictures give you a better idea of what we can and will do for you!


Whether it’s Frozen Shrimp, Cans of Coffee, Brand Name Clothing or whatever product you may have, We have it covered!  Give us a call with any questions you may have on the subject and we will be happy to help you solve your problem and alleviate any concerns you or your clients may have!


Mike & Doug Mentuck